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Master Classes for Professional Nail Technicians

Luxury Nail Kit

Course I Nail Structure and Shape Individual Class$800 – 8 Hour Course

(System Kit is included in price)

In this hands on course we will discuss the Science and Chemistry of Acrylic Liquid Monomer and Powder Poylmer. Learn an appreciation for safety, sanitation and disinfection. Reviewing the nail structure and anatomy, you will learn the fundamental importance of nails. While guiding you through step by step hands on instruction about the importance of proper nail prep, form and tip fitting, monomer and polymer acrylic application, building structure and apex filing and shaping.

Course II E-Filing Individual Class$800 – 8 Hour Course

(Drill Kit is included in price)

Become competent and confident using an Electric Filing system (e-file). E-filing will allow you to speed up your service time when working on clients. Learn best practices, safety and sanitation when using an electric file. Experience hands on activities that will guide you to become a precise and efficient e-filer. You will receive instructional materials to help you navigate the overview and terminology of this course.

This Electric File Course will cover:

  • E-file anatomy
  • General e-file and bit use and care
  • Types of e-file bits, what to use and why
  • Product removal
  • How to protect the natural nail with proper nail and cuticle maintenance

Course III Nail Art – Various Designs and Technique Individual Class$400 – 4Hour Course

(Art kit and brushes included in price)

Receive hands on step by step instruction. Learn various French, Ombre, and Marbling techniques using acrylic paints and gel paints. Single stroke flower creations, Filigree and simple 3 D acrylic designs. You will learn techniques that will give you the creative edge to design unique individual nail art master pieces.

Enroll in all three courses for $1600