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Master Class for Licensed Professional Estheticians and Cosmetologists

Lash Lifting, Brow Lamination and Tinting

Learn this fast and affordable alternative to enhancing lashes. Increase your bottom line by introducing Lash Lifting and Tinting to your service menu.  Lash Lifting is a chemical process that lifts and curls the natural lash.  Lash tinting deepens the colors of the lashes, adding a simple boost and definition to the overall look and framing of the eyes.  This course is an 8 hour course, broken into two parts.  The first half of this course we will discuss the health and safety of your client while performing this service.  An introduction to anatomy and the physiology of the eyes and its structure and shapes.  As well as sanitation, disinfection protocols and the overall hygiene of the therapist and working space.  The second half of the course you will observe a demonstration of the procedure with explanation of the steps.  You will finish by performing  the service on a model that you, the student will provide.  Product kits and everything you will need to perform this service are included on the course price.

Master Class for Licensed Professional Nail Technicians and Cosmetologists

Nail Structure and Shape, Acrylic Application, and Electric Filing

Continued education is key to career growth and professional validity. Become the best at what you do by being at the top of your game! Increase your knowledge and sharpen your skills by taking this two day advanced course on the nail structure and shape of the nail, acrylic application and electrical filing. Motivating you to your creative edge you will have gained a new found confidence and technical ability in your passion for “doing nails.” When enrolling in the 2 Courses you will receive the nail art 4 hour course complimentary. You pay $1600 with a $400 discount, included are instructional material and a luxury nail kit providing you with everything you will need to perform nail enhancement services. Also awarding you with a Certificate of Completion from the program to validate your professional accomplishment.

Class size is limited to accommodate social distancing and COVID specifications. Please call 808-280-3007 or email lehiwadesigns@gmail.com to enroll in this course.